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Yage Guo 郭雅格
Born in 1998
London and Shanghai based artist

Yage Guo's paintings encompass various techniques, including oil painting on wood panel and canvas, pencil drawing, and bookmaking. Drawing inspiration from literature, nature, mysticism, and imagery, Yage paints portraits, flowers, and still life with an ethereal style, with unique brushwork to evoke dreamlike fantasies or hazy memories. Time, nidana, and the use of metaphors are crucial concepts in her practice. She approaches these notions with a romantic and contemplative attitude. The presence of figures and objects no longer merely depicts their physical appearances; instead, it serves as a metaphorical exploration of the passage of time and the depth of emotions.


2017-2020 Slade School of Fine Art BFA (Honours)
2020-2022 Slade School of Fine Art MA (Honours)

Solo and Duo Exhibition

2023 Traces of Swords, Solo show, PM/AM Gallery, London

2023 At Dawn, Duo show, Yage Guo & Bo Sun, Sherbet Green Gallery, London

Group Exhibition

2024  Orbital, Nova Contemporary, Bangkok

2023  Moonlit Beings , Soka Art Centre, Beijing

2023  A star at dawn, a bubble in a stream, Gene Gallery, Shanghai

2023  A Gauzy Flame, Herald St, London

2022  Under The Jaguar Sun, Kravitz Contemporary

2022  飲食男女 Eat Drink Man Woman The 180 Strand, London

2022  What Now? PM/AM Gallery, London


2022  A/D D/A, ZERUI Gallery, London

2022  ASSEMBLE, V.O.Curation, London

2022  XENOS, Universe Gallery, London

2022  Pathways on Paper, South Parade, London

2021  Knocking it out of the Park, Gallery 46, London

2021  Slade Summer Shows, London

2021  WALLS ALL AROUND, Fusion, Nottingham

2021  Folie à Deux, Haus Gallery, London

2020  Decadent Gaming, Linseed Gallery, Shanghai

2020  Slade Online Showcase, London

2020  CAR SHOW, Slade School of Fine Art, London

2020  SAVAGE, The Crypt Gallery, London 

2019  MELON CAULI, Asylum Chapel, London

2019  APPROACHES, D Contemporary, Mayfair, London

2019  18/11/1, PMQ, Hong Kong

2018  BRIDGE (SOCHI, RUSSIA), Grand Hyatt Regency, Sochi, Russia

2018  BRIDGE, IZO Gallery, Moscow, Russia




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