Melon Cauli Installation night shot


28-29th November 2019

Group show curated by Yage Guo and Heidi Li

We fell in love with the space. We dreamed to create works that
are as beautiful as the space, like anxious parents dying to
make babies in a beautiful home. We realized the space is
beautiful yet difcult as we ran through practical obstacles in
terms of lighting and installation. To preserve the architectural
skin of this ancient beauty, our images walked out of the walls
and stood by themselves.
The sigh of pursuing beauty/love/desires is melon cauli.

There is no white walls, no light, little contemporary atmos-
phere. The chapel has its own identity and power of existence,

it witnessed the time pass through, lives come and go, loves
bloom and fade. When we stepped in here we felt like escaping
from the contemporary reality to an unknown land.
Escaping from the calculative atmosphere of contemporary art,
we look for works that are emotional & raw. Works that are not
rationally conveying a message but expressing a feeling, a
desire or a sentiment, almost the teenage dream-like feeling of
having a crush. We tried to fght against the manipulated
impressions of what art show should look like, and what is
worthy to be talked about. We stand here to embrace our
honesty and passion.
The process of curation is constantly looking into everyone’s
work, almost like an adventure to dig out the deep down
romantic contents underneath the artworks. And to curate is
like creating a conversation among all these individuals. We
hope you could hear our “melon cauli” confessions.