9-12th April 2022, Rupture XIBIT, London

To absorb the surroundings

Carrying small moments of

Sentimentality and nostalgia

Observing plural dimensions

A group of dreamers

Allows space for wonder

The present is multilayered - reality itself is the most surreal. This surreality is not science fiction; it is a revolutionary romantic approach to our very human sentiments.

In this exhibition, the artists delve into the plural dimensions of sensory languages and aim to understand the multiplicity involved with inhabited thinking.


Bo Xun, Erin Alles, Li Hei Di, Meryl Yana, Nooka Shepherd, Oda Sønderland, Shiwen Wang, Sofia Nifora, Tsai Yun-Ju, Wenxuan Wang, Xiaoyu1002, Yage Guo

Curator: Olivia Chan


14th January - 10th February 2022, 56 Conduit Street, V.O.Curations

A large-scale group exhibition. ASSEMBLE. Spanning painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramic, video and fashion design, ASSEMBLE is a multimedia show bringing together the diverse practices of 61 artists working within V.O Studios.


25th November – 12th December 2021

‘Knocking It Out Of The Park’ is the sequel to Paint Talk’s inaugural group show at GALLERY46 in April, 2021. Presenting work by Joshua Armitage, Klaas Op De Beйck, Yage Guo, Christabel MacGreevy, Alexi Marshall, Sarah Pickstone, Sofya Shpurova and Pawel Sliwinski. 

Following The First Swing of the Bat, we have a clean hit which preferably clears the stands. A large crack permeates the night air, reverberates, echoing against collective joint inhalation. There is no time to dwell on the heat nor moisture loitering at every turn. We are unquestionably in the thick of it, the noise is deafening, time moves slower and faster simultaneously. Knocking it out of the park alludes to the constant onslaught of departures and arrivals in the studio throughout the process of creation. 



4-14th September 2021, Slade School

Slade 150th Anniversary show.